Operating principally in Italy, we  provide a unique service for all large yacht new build and refit projects.

The primary intent nurtured with all parties involved in our operation is the desire to complete a job properly. Yes, we need to return a profit, but profit is not the prime motivation for the work we do.

We seek the satisfaction derived from pride in a job well done, in true craftsmanship, from knowing that we gave our best. We want positive results without excuses at the end of a project.

We encourage clear, open and mutually supportive operational relationships between all parties in JSF and with all yard workers, subcontractors and management at any shipyard that contracts us. The basic premise within JSY is that it is in everybody’s best interests for the paintwork to be completed in the finest, most efficient way possible.

We also recognise that due regard must be given to the needs of other construction processes occurring alongside the fairing and painting work. We believe the symbiotic relationship between all those involved in the construction needs to be understood to best achieve this. Our excellent structured planning particularly supports this goal.

Our operation is based upon quality, flexibility, organisation and respect for all parties involved.

We honour the fact that each and every one of our workers plays a vital role in any project and we encourage them to bring forth their best craftsmanship and innovative ideas in order that we may continue to work and grow together in a focused manner.

This helps keep our team fresh and motivated when repeating some of the very tiring and potentially tedious processes involved during the fairing of large yachts which benefits everyone.