Project Management

We plan our projects precisely, using the latest software. Decades of experience allows us to accurately schedule the timing required to complete areas of varying levels of complexity.

By combining this knowledge with clearly specified product curing and overcoating times, it then becomes relatively straight forward to accurately plan tasks, area and completion dates and then assign appropriate staffing levels.

By working closely with the shipyard’s production department we can accurately schedule area handover dates and organise our work around other trades in order to facilitate the smoothest run of work that best meets the needs of the project as a whole.

Working to a defined structure further helps our workforce remain clear and motivated to meet production targets. Day by day, week by week and month by month there is plan to completion with clearly defined project milestone targets. Our workforce has clear direction, knows what is expected to be achieved each day, and is motivated to achieve it.

This structured scheduling clearly informs us if any area slips into delay and allows us to take immediate action to remedy the situation before it can become critical.

Our extensive experience allows us to schedule in such away that nobody is over or underworked, which is excellent for maintaining long term staff morale and productivity.

This level of organisation from our side provides a massive benefit to our customers in terms of work flow, efficiency and stress reduction.